To the editor:

I am a very concerned American and Texas citizen and I wish to state my opinion after much study and research. I believe the ACLU by its nature, works and goals is an enemy not a friend. It is anti-Christ, anti-evangelical and against Protestant, Catholic and Jewish religious symbols in public places. Such symbols as Christmas and crosses and things we hold dear, like prayer at sports events such as football games.

It is taking away our freedom of speech, religion and our rights of expression. I am opposed to our taxes being used against us too, as it takes away our freedoms.

To me, their threats against states, counties and cities by costly court cases over a cross or a seal is unbelievable, shocking and silly. It is a shame so many are uninformed on this Judas-like strange organization. We need to wake up before itís too late. Are we paying for the group to blackmail us?

I am only one, but I am one who will not surrender my rights without a fight.

Harold Baldwin