To the editor:

Iím sure that those responsible for the idea of modernizing our downtown parking were very proud of the updated design and thought that improvements were being made; however, the postal parking is quite the opposite.

There is never a time each morning while leaving the post office that I do not wonder if I will be in an accident. Inevitably, there is a pickup or SUV parked alongside that inhibits vision totally, and a person is backing up blind to oncoming traffic. Even when these larger vehicles are parked two spaces away, vision is prohibited.

Also, the space allowed to back up and stay in the correct lane is not adequate since there is not sufficient room. There are near accidents frequently from traffic from the opposite direction.

If each city council member has not taken this hazardous trip of parking and leaving from the front of our Brownwood Post Office, I challenge you to do so. I would venture to guess that there is at least one accident weekly in front of our post office as well as many daily close calls.

I would recommend (at the least) closing the opposite lane to oncoming traffic in front of the post office as well as placing a sign indicating that this block is for post office customers rather than for through traffic.

Does anyone have a better idea?

Yvonne Peters