To the editor:

It is very apparent from the article in the June 6 edition of the Brownwood Bulletin that it would be a wise thing for Brownwood to appoint Mayor Bert Massey as the city manager. Towns grow and become large because of outstanding leaders.

Massey, because he is the best politician in Brownwood, has been asked to run for state representative. However, he has stayed here, because he, like former football Coach Gordon Wood, knows that when you move, you run into problems also, and the grass isnít always greener on the other side of the pasture.

Many persons move from city to city trying to climb the money ladder, only to find the problems they are facing in their own city will be just as great when they reach the new place of work. Massey has shown he can take a job and stick with the problems until they are solved. He knows the people so well in this city, that no one dares run against him for mayor. He is due for a monetary promotion, and the residents ought to get behind his appointment as city manager.

I suggest the radio stations run a public discussion on the matter, and those involved in this at the highest levels of city government move with assurance this will be a good thing for Brownwood.

H. Clovis Shipp