For many high school football teams, this week brings the end of one phase of the season that has led them to the beginning of a new, exciting time, the playoffs. For some, the regular season has been only a prelude. They know thereís more excitement coming, and this weekís game is an opportunity to build momentum going into the first round.

Other teams, however, know itís almost time to hang up their pads for the year. The chances that they will be able the extend the season have been sealed, and this week represents nothing more than the finale, and an opportunity to salvage some pride with a victory.

Then there are teams for whom this last regular season game is, in effect, a playoff game already. A victory means they advance. A loss means the seasonís over.

Whatever the situation your favorite team finds itself facing, now is the time to offer your support.

Texans are convinced that their brand of high school football is the best in the nation, and we have good reason to believe that. Fans are incredibly supportive of not only the young men who play the game, but also of the students who add to the spectacle by playing in the band, performing with the drill team and boosting interest and excitement through a variety of other organizations.

Some of the best high school football of the year is yet to be played as the playoff schedule moves deeper into November and December. But a lot of dedicated players will be facing their final kickoff this weekend. They deserve our support, and they deserve to know their communities appreciate them for representing them well.

See you at the games.

Brownwood Bulletin