To the editor:

Politcal correctness has gone mad! When we pander to special groups of people, bending over backwards to accommodate them we are in serious trouble.The recent news of a young student attending Pace University is a prime example. This young man was arrested and charged with a hate crime for putting a copy of the Quran in a toilet! “C.A.I.R.” or “Council of American Islamic Relations” was screaming for justice for such a heinous crime.This organization, by the way, is an unindicted co-conspirator in a case now being heard in a Dallas courtroom for illegal funding to Hamas-Hezbollah in Palestine, aka “terrorists.”

Across the nation everday Americans are asked to “give in” to these Islamic religous rights, while our Christian values are being shreddded in the courtrooms of America by the ACLU. Now they have footbaths at the University of Michigan so the poor Muslims can wash their feet.We have meat packing plants that let the Muslim workers take time “at the company’s expense” so they can pray to Allah. We have Muslim cab drivers refusing to give rides to people who they believe are intoxicated. This is madness. While in American prisons, at least until smoking was banned in prisons, prisoners used torn-out pages of the Bible to roll their cigarettes. Where is the outcry?

I’m just making a point. Recently in Australia, a member of Parliament was quoted as saying, “If Muslims don’t want to assimilate then they need to leave the country!” I concur. What about you, America?

Les Davis