To the editor:

As the holiday season approaches, and you are giving thanks for your many blessings and preparing your Christmas list. I would like to share the Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Complex Christmas wish list with you:

Mentors Tutors Community Advisory Council members

The greatest gift you can give is your time. Volunteering your time to a troubled youth is a very rewarding experience. Research has shown that mentors and tutors play an essential role in enhancing a young personís life.

The primary goal of mentoring is to develop a trusting, supportive relationship between a mature adult and a carefully matched youth in which the youth is encouraged to reach her potential, discover her strengths and develop self-confidence. Tutoring provides an assigned student academic instructions which will help improve her school performance and understanding of a specific subject. We have a need for English and math tutors. Currently, we have many students who would like a mentor or have requested a tutor at the RJSJCC. The Community Advisory Council (CAC) members serve as a liaison in utilizing resources and developing a sharing, informative relationship between the community, TYC programs and the youth served. Please share your time.

Penny Riggs,

Community Relations Coordinator

Ron Jackson State Juvenile

Correctional Complex