Election Day is on Tuesday, Nov. 4 - officially - but with the growing popularity of the early voting period, ďelection daysĒ actually began on Monday and continue through Friday, Oct. 31. Sticklers will also want to include the option of getting a ballot by mail, but the point is made regardless. Voters have a great deal of flexibility in when they cast their ballots.

It all tends to eliminate most of the traditional excuses for not participating in the electoral process. Qualified, eligible voters canít brush off this duty - this responsibility and privilege - by saying they donít have the time, or they canít get off work, or they donít live close enough to a polling place.

If you know you canít make it to the polls between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Nov. 4, or even if it would be more convenient for you, there will be some point within the two-week early voting period when the Brownwood Coliseum Annex could be on your route.

As much as half of the voter turnout has been in early voting in recent elections. A strong showing at early voting this year will certainly ease congestion at the polls Nov. 4, since voter interest is as high as its ever been.

Consider your choices of when to vote as you study how to vote.

Brownwood Bulletin