To the editor:

In a letter to the editor printed July 25, Betty Taylor equates Barack Obama to Margaret Sanger, RU-486 to Zyklon-B, Planned Parenthood to the Nazis, abortion to murder, and asks us to, “[s]tand for truth.”

How ironic that the claims in the Taylor letter have little if any basis in truth. If an ovum and a sperm unite to instantly become a baby at the moment of conception, then God murders 40 percent of all babies before they even have faces.

If God equates abortion with murder, then women who die in childbirth are murdered by their babies. And murderers deserve to be put to death, right?

She can’t have it both ways. If birth control is abortion, if contraceptives are poison gas, if a live black man is a dead white woman, if abortion is murder, then a baby whose birth kills its mother is a murderer.

If Betty Taylor is right, then God is both evil and insane. That is the truth.


Max Earl Blair