Brownwood Bulletin

This weekís Brown County Rodeo is more than a local tradition and a time for good family entertainment. Itís an important component in the Brown County Fair Associationís mission of supporting the development of local young people.

The rodeo, always held during the last week of July, is one of two major events produced by the fair association. This hardworking group of volunteers has an enormous undertaking each summer in producing a rodeo that attracts riders and spectators from throughout the nation. The work is hard, but the rewards are great, because the rodeo helps support improvements at the Youth Fair Barns and the operation of the associationís other major event, the Brown County Youth Fair each January. It is at the youth fair when young people from throughout the county are invited to compete for recognition and prizes, and see some tangible results of their dedication.

But this is July, itís rodeo week and a grand tradition of the Old West is being honored once more.

The Brown County Rodeo has been a popular event among local residents for decades, but rodeoís popularity has never been stronger nationally.

Feeding this popularity is a surge in competitive high school and college associations. This increased interest not only provides training for future pro stars, but it also helps develop fans who will follow the action for years to come.

Marketing campaigns by groups like the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association along with greater television coverage have been major factors behind its surge in popularity. Rodeo is no longer limited to those who claim a Western lifestyle. Itís a sport and a form of entertainment that attracts fans from all walks of life.

For those who havenít had that experience, the Brown County Rodeo provides a top-quality show with a wide variety of events. Every member of the family will find something to enjoy, and now with its PRCA affiliation, the quality of the rodeo will be even be better. Perhaps most importantly, this is an excellent way to help support the fair association and our local youth.

Brownwood Bulletin