To the editor:

I am so tired of the mud-slinging from the two presidential wanna-bes. I think we deserve more for the millions that is being spent on them. This is what I meant when I said the two party system will not work. This bitterness doesn’t stop after they get in office. It all boils down to party against party instead of doing what is good for this country. Quite frankly, I think we are in trouble if either one gets it. McCain is trying to cut Obama down for the way he is not supporting our troops. Evidently he is suffering from short-term memory. When Bush first got in office the first thing he did was cut soldiers pay and their families were on food stamps and he started closing VA hospitals and he failed to equip our troops with the equipment they needed.

This is the Republican way, the old Robin Hood law in reverse, take from the poor and give to the rich. I can’t understand where those billions of dollars went, unless it was to pay Halliburton’s moving expenses and paying their truck drivers more an hour then or Gl’s get in a month. I understand Sadam’s income was over $2 million a day, what happened to that? How could this administration run up a $9 trillion budget. I think the whole of Washington should be impeached. Congress should have to learn what their jobs are and get rid of all those multi-million dollar luxury spots around the world at our expense. Do congressmen have friends? I thought they only had victims. Why not take all the money they are getting from the lobbyist and special interest to foot the bill. How did the oil companies put it? “And get off our backs.” We finally found out who is running this county. There was a time when congressmen and the nine antichrist meant some thing. They still do but it is not printable. The only time congress know the people exist, is when their sugar teat is in jeopardy. I am asking, “Do not reelect!”

I don’t think Obama would be a good president at all, and that is not based on his color, I feel like we are being invaded from within. I also feel this country can’t stand another four years under this administration.

I worked 39 years for a major oil company and today, the way they are acting, I am not proud of it. I got rid of my stock, and to show you how smart I am, it took me this long to realize how they control their stock. When the profits are high they put it in R&D (research and development), the stockholders get a few pennies and the CEOs get millions just like our government does - only they call it “general fund.” I’ll wind this up with one more request, that you enter “GULL ISLAND IN ALASKA” in your browser and then ask yourself, why are we importing oil?

Thank you ever so much for letting me vent more steam.

Omer T. Pointer