To the editor:

Muslims in general are known to hate Christians and Jews. They abhor the American lifestyle and, after moving here, most Muslims refuse to assimilate into our society.

So, why are Muslims coming here by the thousands? (There are now millions of them in Minnesota.) Why not stay in the country of your birth, your religion, and the familiar society in which you are comfortable? Scholars tell us that Muslims often move into other countries, where they live quiet, peaceful lives until they are sufficient in numbers and power to take over that country.

After hearing and reading a great deal about Barack Obama, I have concluded that he is probably a closet-Muslim. Last week, I saw a clip on television that reinforced that conclusion. Louis Farrakhan, the Muslim leader of thousands of Muslims in this county, was speaking to a mosque full of men. (Of course, no women were present, as Muslims do not allow women to worship with men.)

Farrakhan was praising Barack Obama and told his audience, “Obama is our Messiah!” What? Obama claims to be a Christian… So, knowing that Muslims believe all Christians are infidels, and will be cast into hell, how on earth can Louis Farrakhan call Obama their Messiah?

Farrakhan is no dummy; I think he knows something about Obama that most Americans don’t yet know.

We need to think long and hard, and pray before we vote on Nov. 4, 2008.

Doris Johnson