To the editor:

In response to Ms. Taylor’s most recent letter:

Yes, we “get it.” And you could not be more wrong.

You are correct in saying that Officer Ariaz did not “make a pass at all the girls” in the Explorers program. Pedophiles single out only the ones that could be easily manipulated and coerced into silence. They prey on the weak and the needy. They don’t try their tricks on the strong ones, the ones who will go running for help. Pedophiles are not stupid people. They can feel out which children will stay quiet and keep their secrets. Those are the children they seek out.

And yes, I’m using his name and I’ll use it again and again. By not naming him, you play directly into the “don’t talk about it — keep it a secret” plan that pedophiles rely upon. His name should be known by everyone in this community!

Tammy Fisher