To the editor:

I am a citizen in Bangs, Texas. What has happened to our fine city? I have been here for seven years. I used to feel safe and happy. There were so many friendly people and still are few left; but the city hall takes the cake. I had an emergency in the family and had to do without water during the Thanksgiving holidays because the city council would not give any leeway to a late water bill. But we will survive. But the three little boys wonít understand why we canít take baths and must go to the convenience store to use the bathroom. Where did compassion go? For a money hungry city hall where is our protection for our streets. One officer to watch our children from drugs and drinking. He can only do so much.

To be truthful he is doing a great job but one person can only do so much. I am so disgusted to know I canít call for help at city hall and know the person will try to do his or her best to show we all live in the same city together and if our neighbor needed help would try to help. I want to thank Officer Menica and say he is doing a great job. But where are our city councilmen? What is going to become of us little people who live on a fixed income and ones who are self-employed?

Our city hall needs to remember the citizens of Bangs did not inherit all the money their parents left them. They all work for a living. We have a great school and great kids for our future but if it is a nasty place to live where will our graduates move to?

But I hope every one will have nice holidays with water.

Cathy Parks