To the editor:

I was very disappointed this morning (Aug. 15) when I read the Brownwood Bulletin and the only coverage from yesterday’s city council meeting was the hiring of a new city manager and the “settlement” with the former police officer. While those items are newsworthy, they were not the only issues before the City Council. It was apparent to anyone who could have seen the number of concerned citizens about Greenleaf Cemetery and firefighters who attended the meeting that these issues are very important, but neither of these issues received even a mention. While this may be “old news” to you it is of utmost and ongoing importance to some. There were about 15 people representing each group who were there to appeal to the city council for support.

Brownwood firefighters put their lives on the line every day to protect and assist the citizens of Brownwood and Brown County and they are among the lowest paid in the state. What does this say for Brownwood? We don’t care? Mr. Carnes made a moving and sincere presentation to the council and not one word was reported. Guess it shouldn’t be a surprise then that if we don’t care any more than that for those who are giving so much for us, why would we care for those who are laid to rest in Brownwood’s only cemetery within the city limits?

Greenleaf Cemetery is a department of the city, as was recorded in minutes of the city council many years ago. Yet, it has been allowed to be neglected to the point of total disgrace and embarrassment. The city whose slogan is “Brownwood, Feel Like Home” should be ashamed! The local newspaper doesn’t even see fit to report the concerns of a few citizens who are trying to make a difference for family and friend’s final resting place. How sad that is! Thank goodness for a neighboring city who not only reports in their newspaper issues that are near and dear to many, but also sends two TV crews to report them.

I have lived in Brownwood my entire life and always been proud to say I live in Brownwood. I would be greatly offended if I heard anyone say something derogatory about Brownwood. Now, I am wondering if those people could see something I couldn’t?

Karen Kimbrell