To the editor:

After reading Ronnie Lappe’s letter to the editor, I realize there are still misconceptions about the CodeRED system. Therefore, I would like to explain its operation. The system was purchased for the citizens who reside within the city limits of Brownwood. If any episode occurs in Brown County, but is not a direct threat to the city, CodeRED is not activated. That has been the case so far this year. CodeRED will be activated when the threat directly affects the city. There are three other City of Brownwood employees authorized to activate CodeRED in the event I am not available.

Potential reasons for activating CodeRED include:

A tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service A tornado spotted on the ground by a trained spotter, local law enforcement, fire or public safety personnel Large hail, 1 inch or larger Winds reaching 60 mph A hazardous materials emergency at a fixed facility or transportation route, including railroad Chemical related emergencies, including pipeline incidents and natural gas An act of terrorism or war State or national emergency declared by the governor or president

The National Weather Service in San Angelo does an outstanding job of notifying me when severe weather is possible for Brownwood. They keep me informed by home or office phone, text messaging, e-mail and cell phone. As storms get closer to the city limits, we communicate directly by phone. I monitor radar from the National Weather Service on the internet, local television stations, and the NOAA weather radio.

During this time of year, everyone should be aware of the possibility of severe weather. I encourage everyone to purchase a NOAA weather radio, listen to local radio and television for daily weather reports and keep an eye on the sky.

If you live in the city limits of Brownwood, I encourage you to go to the City of Brownwood Web site, click on the CodeRED logo and update your information. You may add cell phone numbers in addition to landlines. If you do not have access to the Internet, call Brownwood City Hall and give us your name, home address, and the phone numbers you would like included on the CodeRED system and it will be updated with this information.

If there are additional questions, please feel free to contact me at City Hall.

James Cook

Emergency Management Coordinator

City of Brownwood