When blood is needed by a doctor and hospital for a medical procedure, it can come from only one source ó another human being. It canít be manufactured, and it canít be stockpiled, at least not for long.

Brownwood area residents have another opportunity to make certain blood and blood products are needed going into the summer months by participating in todayís community drive by United Blood Services, the non-profit San Angelo organization that provides blood products to Brownwood Regional Medical Center. The event, sponsored by the Brownwood Rotary Club, will be held from 10:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the vision offices of Drs. Comolli and Ethridge, 1200 Austin Ave.

The Mayo Clinic calculates that nationally, only 5 percent of those eligible to donate blood do so. Meanwhile, 25 percent of Americans will need a blood transfusion at some point in their lives. The number of transfusions are increasing by 9 percent each year.

With the arrival of summer, many routine donors may not be available because of travel, while outdoor activities lead to an increase in the number of accidents that may require surgery. So each donation is vital, and each one can help as many as three patients, as that pint is divided into three parts: red blood cells, platelets and plasma.

Donate today, if you can, or donate soon.

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