To the editor:

On a recent ABC Sunday morning show with George Stephanopoulos, Barack Obama stated, “Yes, that’s right. John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith.” “Christian faith,” corrected Stephanopoulos. “Uh, Christian faith,” repeated Obama.

We’ve heard the rumors: that Barack Obama attended school as Barry Sorteoro, and changed his Christian name to his father’s Muslim name of Barack Hussein Obama. Why would a Christian take a Muslim name?

Several lawsuits are pending for Obama to show proof of a valid birth certificate. Why isn’t the major media investigating this issue?

Consider his other close alliances: Rev. Wright (a radical anti-white minister who says “God D**n America!”), Syrian Chicago slumlord, Tony Rezko; sponsor and radical domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers; and former Fannie Mae CEO and campaign adviser, Jim Raines (profited from Fannie Mae with $90 million over six years). Obama received $125,000 from Fannie Mae, and was an attorney for ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now). Obama could not pass an FBI security clearance or qualify to be his own bodyguard.

At the Democrat convention, his wife quoted from a book written by extreme socialist and godfather of community organizers, Saul Alinsky. She said, “to change the world from what it is to what it should be,” from Saul Alinsky’s book. Earlier she said, “for the first time in my life, I’m proud of my country,” and that “America is a mean country.”

Obama believes in “spreading the wealth around.” He believes we should “tax the rich and give more to help the weakest,” including illegals. “The rich” includes small businesses: restaurants, farms, ranches, mom and pop shops, etc. Obama is pro abortion, same sex marriage, and gays openly serving in the military, driver’s licenses, medicaid and Social Security for illegals, reparations for blacks, and against gun rights. He intends to raise tax on firearms by 500 percent, and is for tighter environmental regulations that will increase the cost of gas, groceries, heating and cooling.

If elected, Obama will join Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid to change this country to something no longer recognizable. If elected, he will be appointing the next Supreme Court justices … possibly Hillary Clinton as a Supreme Court judge.

John McCain is not the perfect candidate, but I believe he loves this country and can be trusted to lead and protect it. I’m very doubtful and very fearful of Barack Hussein Obama’s intentions.

Wylene Yoes