To the editor:

An open letter to the citizens of the City of Early and Bangs:

Due to recent events, including my resignation from the Early City Council, our city will soon be managed by a majority of council members who have been selected, not elected. They will need your guidance. I strongly encourage the citizens of Early to get involved in their city government. Attend council meetings. Insist on full disclosure of all costs on projects. Do not accept anything less. Ask questions and express opinions. That is the only way city government truly knows your opinion. They represent you and without you and without that oversight and input from us, the citizens, sometimes decisions are made which may not truly reflect the majority opinion. Based on the response I have received in recent weeks and certainly in recent days, it appears that has happened with the recent decision to do away with our water treatment plant. How many of you have any idea what your water bills will be affected with the pipeline option versus our own water treatment plant? Donít you think that is extremely important information you, the water bill paying customer, should be aware of before the City makes a decision, not afterward?

Some of the city councilís actions are routine in nature and uninteresting to the general public. Occasionally, some of the decisions involve a great deal of our citizens tax money but are of a nature that gives the cityís decision makers very little choice such as street repairs or rehabilitation of our aging sewer system. Once in a great while, an issue comes along which must be addressed that is of such importance to a city of our size, such as the recent water issue where various options must be considered which will impact our city for decades to come. Please get involved and voice your opinions to all the City Council persons. I can assure you it will have an impact if enough of us pay attention and let them know how we feel.

I wish to also apologize to our friends in Bangs for referring to the problems they have had to deal with in the past. I regret that. When asked, I did not want to make my reasons for resigning personal in nature, and make it any more controversial then it already was. But my reference to Bangs was in poor taste. I sincerely apologize to the good people of Bangs who give of their time to make Bangs a better place. You have my utmost respect.

David A. Gray