To the editor:

It’s beyond me why anyone who works for a living and makes less than $100,000 a year will vote a Republican ticket. When Hoover was president in the 30’s he had labor working for $.0333 an hour, 12 hours a day, and you were only paid for eight. If you didn’t like it you could drop your shovel and who ever picked it up also picked up your job. Labor finally organized through unions and forced businesses to pay a livable wage. The working class was led to believe they were doing well until Reagan broke up the unions — not all of them, just the ones that he thought were a cost for big businesses. Once again business had their greedy hands around labor’s throat.

The administration we have now is no different. If anything, it is 1,000 times worse. They declared war on a country that never did anything to America except “threaten my daddy.” But I guess that is worth the lives of 6,000 Americans. I blame the media for a lot of what is going on. If it is something like a murder that is all you see and read about until you are sick of it. But then your president loaded up 360 tons of $100 bills to send to Iraq and it disappeared. Folks, that is $12 billion, and if you were not watching TV, you missed it.

Also, Halliburton moved to Arabia a week later. Their (electoral not majority) president tried to give our ports to his Arab buddies. If you kick the Arab Sheik in the seat of his dress, you’ll hit a Bush in the back of the head. Bush unlike the others did not have unions to bust up, but he said “business needs cheap labor” so he opened our borders to those who would work for our minimum wage. This would be about two to three thousand percent pay increase to them and about a fifty percent cut for Americans. To further undermine our country he wanted to give them citizenship to make it legal.

I thought our armies were to defend our borders. I say bring our troops home and help show these invaders the way home. Maybe the next president will be a majority one and will do something about this, if Arabia and China don’t call in their $9 trillion we owe them. To give you some idea how much that is, every man, woman and child owes $20,000 each, or should I have said Euros.

I would say get out and vote, but that is a waste of time. If our system is where one person can give the presidency to someone, it is kind of useless. That is another hit in your wallet. They say crime doesn’t pay, but she was sent to Washington, and now you can pay her salary, and if it is like everyone else’s, she is assured an income until and most likely after death. I hear on the news where a cop is suspended with pay. Back in my working day, we called that a vacation, but Washington goes one step further and fires with pay.

Omer T. Pointer