To the editor:

I am not a native Texan, having moved here in 1973, but I enjoyed hunting up until about 10 or so years ago. Then, it got too expensive, what with the land owners charging too much money for a few weekends on their land. Several friends from Brownwood and I had a deer lease for two or three years which we could afford. We were good stewards of the land…we built water dams over creeks for the owner, and did not set any fires or kill any of his cattle. But after the owner tasted big money from corporations and their “hunters” who used the land badly, we lost any chance to hunt without paying a small fortune. The corporate hunters used the land to party, kill cattle and an owner’s pet, and set fire which destroyed a fence — and failed to pay the owner for the first year.

Bill Crist says that Patterson has a “stance” on the 2nd Amendment — I say good for Patterson. Too many politicians these days are too eager to amend our Constitution with an eye towards taking away our freedom. Hillary wants to take all our guns away and she’s not the only one either. Lots of politicians who don’t hunt don’t understand anything about hunting. I commend Patterson for taking his stand. The NPS already has plenty of problems with the current status of the BBNP. I was fortunate to have hunted doves one time inside the territory under consideration and I think there is plenty of apportunity to have more hunters, especially if the new owners would have to allow public hunting as part of the deal.

Bob Dugan