To the editor:

One more time I am reminded of why Brownwood Feels Like Home. It’s the people!  

I want to tell you about working with the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce and the first time Christmas Festival Under the Stars. If you are looking for something to do in your retirement see Laura Terhune at the chamber, she has more on her plate than you can shake a stick at, and she will put you to work. I know first hand. I volunteered to help with the first display of miniature Christmas Villages and Nativities. Not only were new friendships made and old ones renewed,  I have a deeper appreciation of Laura and her staff. They worked tirelessly to ensure the Brownwood community had a Christmas Festival to remember. So this letter is a public thankyou to them for making my and so many others’ 2009 holiday season a blessed one.  A special thank you to the volunteers who worked so tirelessly, there’s Margie a new resident, Valerie (The Kid) McDearmon,  Kelsey Laird, the student who needed volunteer hours for school, Barbara Stewart, who volunteers at the chamber year round and Rhonda, Calhoun, who wrapped such beautiful packages for exhibits.

Friends included JoAnn and Smokey, who are always there to help; Marion, my next door neighbor who I never see enough of. We went to the parade together and loved seeing such bright and cheery floats and all the happy kids and parents enjoying themselves. Also thank you goes to the Bulletin who did such wonderful articles. Thank you to Gary and Mary Butka; Charles and Becky King; Marion Carter; Smokey Tormollen; Don and Nell Holland; Valerie McDearmon; Sandra Mann; Mary Irving and Patsy Luna from Temple, who graciously loaned their villages and nativities for the exhibit; Randee Green, who always steps up to put our community first; Pat Mather and Cindy Calhoun; and last but not least Davis Floral, who graciously gave extra pieces of villages that put the finishing touches to the display.

It takes a village or maybe better said a community like Brownwood to bring it all together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. A  Merry Christmas to you and yours.

 Johnnie Golden