In some parts of the world — even a few parts of the eastern United States — a century-old structure is not old at all. But in pioneer Texas, a building that has served a community for more than a century merits the label “classic.” And there aren’t any buildings in the area that deserve that description more than the Brown County Museum of History’s main site. It was completed on June 29, 1903, and served as the county jail here until 1981.

It 1982, it entered a new era of service to the community — as its museum.

That birthday was celebrated last week with the receipt of gifts that allowed the museum to obtain 23 top quality display cases, which became available during the liquidation of Friedman’s Jewelers stores. A museum’s collection must be available for inspection by the public, and these cases will make the many items on hand much more assessible — while keeping them safe.

The Brown County Museum is an asset to the area and is more than just a tourist attraction. It is a dynamic representation of the people who built this county, from the 19th century until just yesterday.

Brownwood Bulletin