To the editor:

This past Thursday, late afternoon, my husband and I went to the dumpster area behind city hall in Bangs to unload some old wood we had collected as we have been working on our house. Within five minutes my husband had grabbed some wood and a nail had punctured an artery in his wrist. I frantically looked in our truck for a first-aid kit and then realized we didnít have one. As I turned around I noticed Carrol Wells and Gwen Brush in the parking lot behind city hall. I ran towards them for help and before reaching them a by stander, Rick Panell and Waymond Shepard, had just pulled up close by. They immediately grabbed a first-aid kit and offered assistance with some gauze for the bleeding. By that time Carrol asked us to please come into the back side of city hall to wash the wound. Carrol and Gwen pulled out everything needed from the first-aid kit they had and told him to keep the water running over the wound as they got ice, more gauze and tape. Carrol offered to call First Response, but my husband insisted he would be fine.

I lived in the Dallas area all my life up until late 2002, when I met my husband and moved to this small town of Bangs where he lived. I am constantly amazed living here in this small town, how wonderful it is and how kind the people are that live in Bangs. As you can imagine, no one in Dallas would have even thought of going out of their way and ran to assist a citizen of the community. I am even more amazed that the mayor of Bangs ran to assist us and seemed more of a neighbor and a friend during our need of help. This definitely would have not happened in the Dallas area!

I want to thank all of you that assisted my husband and me that day. It was and is greatly appreciated!

Lisa Craddock