To the editor:

I think for Christmas ó not this Christmas, but in 2008 ó I already figured out what Iím gonna do. Iíll give the U.S. something under the tree a little early in November by not voting for any of these folks who call themselves Democrats or Republicans and are running for president.

I suspect that most of the folks, if not all, probably couldnít point out the U.S. on a map if it was the only country on the map and some third grader was helping them answer the question.

Not only that but these folks ó Democrat and Republican ó divvy out free trade policies like it was toilet paper to any Tom, Dick and Harry country that wants a piece of the American dream. I guess most of those folks donít know that at one time in this country, one or two sheets of toilet paper was all one got to take care of business, but no, it seems now it takes the whole roll of toilet paper to take care of business.

And to make matter worse, these folks óDemocrat and Republican ó suck up and brown-nose so much to China that the whole mess is starting to stink to high heaven. Donít get me wrong, Iím all for having china on the table or in the china cabinet, but anything beyond that needs to be thought out more than itís being thought out.

Iíve always been an independent registered voter ó near on to 35 years now ó and I figure if other folks would go out and register as independents then when it comes time to vote next November everyone could just vote independent.

If there isnít any independent running for president, then all one has to do is write in or select ďnone of the aboveĒ and if there is enough ďnone of the aboveĒ selections then officials would see there isnít any of these folks worth a flip and decide that the election was a flop.

And if enough folks go in an register as independent then officials would decide that interest in the democrat or republican parties has petered out and anyone wanting further details on the demise of either of those parties would have to read about in the newspaper.

After all, this is America and folks in this country believe nothing is impossible. Itís just that every now and then, folks have to realize that sometimes officials have a peculiar way of getting a point across, usually by saying ďno,Ē that theyíre not going to allow everything to be possible.

Anyway, thatís my two cents on the situation folks are facing in the U.S.

Richard Cottrell

Rising Star