To the editor:

I read in the papers where the Republicans think we should lease the rest of our oil lands to the American oil companies. There are no American oil companies with enough money to do Alaskan or deep-water drilling. Exxon and the rest are multi-national, owned by foreigners as well as a few U.S. citizens.

British Petroleum operates Prudhoe Bay and sells some of the oil to Japan and otehr countries. These same Big Oil Companies own all the refineries and act together as a monopoly to change whatever they choose for the gasoline. We Amerians donít have a friend in the Big Oil Monopoly. None owe allegiance to our people.

As Lou Dobbs might say, ďWhat in the world are they thinking?Ē about when one recommends we lose our oil to these people. Iíve got a good idea. Letís create a bigger government by building new refineries to compete with the refineries owned by Big Oil. Then, letís put in the lease that they must sell the oil to us and to us only, that is to our new refineries, at $74 a barrel, and give up their federal subsidies and tax breaks. Sounds good to me.

George A. Day