To the editor:

Words of Advice for Obama: I read in the paper where our own John Kilebenstein has offered advice to Obama under six headings. First - Be tough, don’t be afraid to make unpopular decisions. Second - Send your kids to public schools in Washington, D.C. Third - No bailouts, let them die. Fourth - Don't issue executive orders freely overturning Bush’s executive orders. Fifth - hit our enemies with heavy artillery. Sixth - Suspend building fences along the Mexican borders, being built by an Israeli Company.

So, I offer more advice. Change our government policy from the so-called smaller government and lower federal taxes to a larger government with equal taxation, higher taxes on upper brackets. The more government bureaus to protect the people - us - from the greed of the mega corporations, the better. Reinvent the bureaus of FHA, Media fairness, usury, and stop out sourcing our army and government jobs. Hire more to run the Food and Drug Agency, the Border Patrol, the Library of Congress and all the other understaffed bureaus designed to protect us. Kill the free trade policy. Re-establish our nation’s boundary. Tax imports as we did in the first 200 years.

Change the government policy on healthcare. Medicare was privatized in 1967. That is bad government policy. The insurance, drug, medical suppliers, and private hospitals suck the lifeblood out of the funds. No competitive bids - cost plus. Six hundred billion could be reduced to $250 billion a year if we remove the private health insurance companies and let doctors run it.

The Medicare payroll tax could be reduced by half with no damaging effect to health care. Competitive bidding takes the fat out of it. And make healthcare available for everyone and employers will no longer be required to buy health insurance for employees and families.

Regulate the banks, insurance companies, and Wall Street. The G-7/G-8 Club of rich nations called the group of 20, met. Nineteen asked us to regulate these units. So it seems we are out of step on this smaller government idea. The greed of the money changers causes them to self-destruct if unregulated. We deregulated them 10 years ago after 65 years of regulating them.

The government policy should be changed to “Buy American” made goods. Create new jobs. All economies are based on jobs. No jobs, no salaries, no economy. Depression. Good jobs, good economy.

Build wind farms on government lands in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana with new transmission lines spanning the USA. Let the meter owners own the entire electrical - the REA’s of the United States. Keep the government and the private electrical companies our of it. Add nuclear power to the mix quickly. And solar energy. Require all new homes in sunny states to have solar panels along with hot water heaters.

Build freeway lanes for trucks only. Expand interstate, airports, and railroads by one-third. Build bullet trains from major city to major city, all government-owned and operated. Use government guaranteed loans at 4 percent for 40 years borrowed from Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and Japan, maybe Germany, to be repaid with newly generated income for tickets, fees, and meter payments. It won’t cost the government a dime.

Well, that ain’t all of the advice, but some of it. We need to reclaim ownership of our Republic. The mega corporations own us today.


George A. Day