To the editor:

Re: Judge Ellis changing his stripes

An open letter to Judge Steve Ellis:

Mr. Ellis, what are the conservative values of which you speak that makes you feel you have to change your party affiliation? Do you really think that the Republican Party values of today are the same conservative values you had as a Democrat all these years?

Let’s take a peek at current Republican values and see. Is it a conservative value to give up hard fought American freedoms for the promise of personal safety? Do conservatives believe our Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper?

Is it a conservative value to rubber-stamp pre-emptive and perpetual war based on the deemed interest of the United States?

Is it a conservative value to pass on humongous, insurmountable debt to our grandchildren to buy implements of war?

Is it a conservative value to reject science and recklessly ignore the needs of our environment?

Is it a conservative value to turn our backs on the needs of America’s children once they are actually born?

Is it a conservative value to reject paying our dues to sustain our government and the basic American way of life?

Maybe it’s Republicans in general that you admire. Let’s take a look at some wonderful examples of Republican values: Well, there’s Larry Craig, in trouble for soliciting a male policeman in a public restroom. Craig’s hypocrisy lives on in his legendary tireless work to demonize with law, homosexual Americans. There is Vitters from Louisiana, who paid prostitutes to powder and diaper him at the time he was loudly protesting Bill Clinton’s White House affair. Oh, yes, there’s that child predator Mark Foley who specialized in young male pages. Let’s not forget Ted Haggert and Oral Roberts. Then there’s Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, Bernie Kourac, Katherine Harris, Scooter Libby, Bob Ney, etc…

Frankly, Judge Ellis, I seriously question your judgment on this decision. You have insulted a lot of people with your cynical party switching. Why not just tell the truth and say, “People around here fall for that Republican “conservatism, hook, line and sinker, and I want to win.”

You lost my vote.

Sheila Richardson