To the editor:

Thanks to the City of Brownwood, Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce, and most of all to Mrs. Carol Spratt, president of the UNITI organization. My family and I were in Brownwood from Friday to Monday for the (Juneteenth) celebration and to visit with friends we had not seen in years. My friend Carol Spratt, a native and citizen of Brownwood, was found at the park with two other members of the organization, Michael Kelly, and LaSonya Hall doing everything to entertain the children and adults. They were busy during the full time of the celebration.

This was not unusual for Carol to be doing, because this Christian woman is concerned about the young people and her community, she stands for unity. She has work with this organization for years, and also helping to start the renovating of the R.F. Hardin School. If the City of Brownwood hands out any honors, the number one honor should be for Mrs. Carol Spratt. Carol is well known around all areas of Brownwood, just ask her minister and members of her church, and around the city, especially Brownwood High School citizens.

Carol is a person who cannot say no, when she knows that someone needs help. She loves her community and all of her neighbors regardless who they are. I have known Carol and her family for over 30 years, and when I lived in Brownwood, we worked together with UNITI, as far back as when Mr. Bennie Houston was working to keep the community together. I moved away in 1977, but Carol and I will always be the best of friends. Three of my children are descendants of R.F. Hardin, and we still own the property at 706 Cordell where the R.F. Hardin home was located. Thank you my friend, for working, and doing your best for visitors that were there for the celebration, making sure that they all had a good time.

Lula Blake