To the editor:

I read with interest one readerís letter and her attempt to make the American citizen fight against illegal alien invasion a racial issue, rather than a moral, social, and economic issue which is threatening the very foundation of America.

This country is on the verge of becoming a third world cesspool because the leaders of this country refuse to secure our borders and enforce the laws already passed years and years ago against illegal invasion.

Illegal aliens cost this country billions and billions of dollars each year. The medical community has been overrun. Eighty-four hospitals in southern California have gone bankrupt-one of them one of the most outstanding trauma centers in the world. They are no longer available to American citizens in the area because the federal government requires that free medical services be provided and the aliens dump their bills on the backs of the American citizens who cannot pay.

Illegal aliens come to this country, steal our identities, kill on average 12 Americans per day, and bring dread diseases into this country that were eradicated here 50 years ago.

Illegal aliens overrun our social services, and steal public housing, welfare and education benefits from American citizens. They then send $42 billion back to Mexico each year to be consumed in a corrupt country that does nothing to create jobs and improve the lives of the people there.

Mexico is a country rich in natural resources, but those resources remain in the hands of few. It is a country where a difference in political opinion may cost you your head. Or didnít most of you read where 17 heads where placed on fence posts in Mexico during the last election? Perhaps many of you havenít read where Mexican journalists who try to report the facts are being killed there each day? Is this what you want for this country? It is what you are going to get if you donít wake up.

Perhaps you are not aware that in some Houston and Dallas hospitals over 70 percent of the babies born there each day are children of illegal aliens. These babies automatically become American citizens at birth, immediately eligible for housing, welfare, food stamps, and due to chain migration, will probably bring around 90 more people from that country into the United States with their birth.

Something is wrong with a country that sends thousands of our young people into harms way to shed their blood for other countries in the world while our county is in peril due to the unconcern and inaction of our leaders.

Over two dozen young American citizens in the Dallas area have died in the past year from a new Mexican heroin concoction called ďcheese.Ē As we have dried up our sources for making meth in this country, Mexican meth has taken over. It comes freely through unsecured borders every day, and our leaders give drug dealers immunity to testify against our border patrol agents who mishandled a border event and end up in prison.

And what about free post-secondary education? The Dream Act gives illegal aliens a free education while so many of our American young people cannot afford to go on to school after high school graduation. .

This is not a racial issue. It is an outcry by the American people to stop the invasion; to restore our culture, educate and train our young people, protect us from invasion of all invaders.

Texas spent a net of $3.9 billion last year to support illegal aliens. Perhaps that wouldnít give all our young citizens a post secondary education, but itís a start. Perhaps it wouldnít provide health insurance to those who canít afford it, but itís a start.

If the citizens of this country do not wake up and take a stand against politicians who pamper illegals with free public services, driverís licenses, and jobs that Americans would do, you are destroying the legacy of your children and grandchildren.

Mickey Mathis