If I were a queen of some sort, or, perhaps, just a person with a lot bigger bank account, I’m sure I’d be extremely generous.

    In fact, if I won the lottery (which I probably won’t since I never seem to have a dollar when the envelope is going around the office inviting one and all to “go in” and split the pot if one of the 10 or so tickets comes up with the lucky numbers), why I’d share my riches with – well with everyone, I think.

    I’d carry a hundred dollars around in my purse, and, if someone would ask me for a dollar, I’d try and give them $10. If they asked for a hundred dollars, I’d probably give them 50. No need for someone to be greedy, just because they think I’m rich and can afford it.

    But I’m pretty lucky, and I know it. For one thing, I know people who really are as generous as I would like to be. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, you sit in this newsroom and see as many causes and concerns, needs and fund-raisers as we see on a weekly basis, and see, also, how many of the same people reach into their pockets and pull out $10 when they are asked for one, or $50 if the needy act greedy and ask for too much – you can be proud to live in a place like this.

    Seeing that as much as I have as often as I have, well, it’s one of the things I like best about living here. Usually, if it’s close enough to pay day, and I haven’t been hit too much by too many causes and benefits, I can come up with a couple of dollars  to drop in a hat, or jar or envelope – and for a fleeting moment, wish I could do more.

    So this is one of those weeks I really, really wish I could do more. You see, Big Brothers Big Sisters is having its “Bowl for Kids Sake,” the organization’s biggest fund-raiser for the year on Saturday. I’ve been a “Big” in the program since 2008 and, earlier this spring, Shane Blackshear, the Brown County BBBS executive director, asked me if I would serve on the planning committee.

    Of course I was glad to do it. But, it turns out, it’s been pretty tough. Lots of things are going on that weekend. Our numbers are down for participants and donations are lagging. Now, even more than I can remember in years past, lots of services and organizations are looking for money. Donations everywhere are down and lots of groups are struggling.

    We all do what we can. And what I can do is ask you to help. It’s not in me to ask for a hundred bucks, from anyone. But, I can ask a hundred folks for five bucks, or maybe 500 people for $1. And so I am. Here. Now.

    I’ve asked a few already – not for much – but for what they could do. I need about $300 more to reach my goal, and, of course, would really like more than that. However, I don’t want to seem greedy. But I will say, every dollar paid to the Brown County BBBS stays with and supports the Brown County BBBS.

    If you’ve got a dollar or five to spare, would you help? My Little and I will be making a donation can this afternoon that will be on the Bulletin counter if you want to drop by and drop something in. Or, if your prefer, contact Shane Blackshear at sblackshear@bbbs.org, or by phone at (325) 643-5600. If you want to drop a little something in the mail, the BBBS office is at the Family Services Center, 901 Ave. B, Brownwood, TX 76801.

    There, I’ve asked. And it wasn’t easy. Thank you so much for all that you do to make this community great.

Candace Cooksey Fulton’s column is in the Brownwood Bulletin on Sundays. She may be reached at candace.fulton@brownwood bulletin.com.