To the editor:

    This is a response to Mr. Towery’s article and his biased views. Mr. Towery, I don’t know where you have been for the last two years, but you have apparently been hibernating. Perhaps you have not heard Obama’s rhetoric about change and the method he has used to produce the change. Closed door meetings, promises of wealth to his supporters, Czars who have an influence on America policy and answer to no one but him, open voting for union membership. trips to New York and other places for a date with his wife at taxpayer expense, unnecessary travel to promote his personal agenda (also at taxpayers expense), a preacher whose congregation he sat in while his preacher says not God bless America, but G## d### America. He claims not to know many characters with questionable allegence to our country and others, such as his own governor trying to sell an office he previously held and he has been seen with these people “he doesn’t know” at events many times prior to saying he doesn’t know them. Do I need to go on or do you recognize some of these truths?

    He refuses to recognize the national day of prayer, a Christian tradition, which if you are a missionary, as you claim to be would know, and takes off his shoes and prays in a mosque. He does not place his hand over his heart, a normal tradition for Americans who honor their country, during the Pledge of Allegience or playing of the National Anthem.

    In case you don’t remember let me refresh your memory, the radical Islamic’s, who are Muslim, are the ones who crashed planes into the World Trade Center killing thousands of innocent people, bombed our embasses all over the world and have vowed to destroy all of the infidels. That is you and I, Mr. Towery, as well as our family and any America that has not sworn to Muslim allegience. Even some of those swearing allegience are in danger from their own religion. It was an American Muslim who killed the innocent soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood.

    This isn’t about race, Mr Towery. This is about being honest and truthful to the people the president is supposed to be serving and not bankrupting an America I have loved my whole life and fear for its survival because your president and our elected officials are taking us down a road that will be hard to recover and return to. An American president does not need to bow or apoligize to anyone. If an apology is necessary it should be done in a diplomatic way so as not to discredit our country.

    I and many of my friends have worked hard for what little we have and a redistribution of the wealth is not and should not be in our vocabulary or that of our society. My parents taught me that life is not a free ride, but to be successful you have to work for your own advancement and sitting by the side of the road waiting for a handout is not the way to do it.

    The legal immigrants who come to our country are for the most part hard workers, can converse in English, with few exceptions, and deserve all our country has to offer.

    Most illegals come for what they can get and often any way they can get it, legal or illegal and take advantage of our hospitality while milking our health and education system for all it’s worth.

    It is not race that has caused the Tea Parties and others discontent, but action the Democratic party, a few Republicans and a president, who just happens to be black, have taken. Like others, I feel like health care is being shoved down our throats without the careful consideration it should have.

    Mr. Towery, you are entitled to your views as I am entitled to mine, but I am tired of your rhetoric in this newspaper and if you are still being published when my subscription expires in a few months I will not renew my subscription.

David Carroll