An open letter to the Congress of the United States of America

All Senators and Representatives

You and I both know all the things that you have done wrong and the few things that you have done right, so I won't dwell on them, but instead I would like to challenge you to do some things that I think would help this nation and get you back in the good graces of the people in this nation.

1. I challenge you to start with reforming yourselves. You could start with reducing your salaries and doing away with the automatic salary increase clause that you voted for yourselves.

2. I challenge you to reduce the number of members of congress to 50 senators and 100 representatives. It is much easier to get things done with a smaller group of people than with a larger group.

3. I challenge you to join the rest of the country and put yourselves on Social Security, Medicare, and a reasonable retirement plan instead of the outrageously expensive programs that you have voted for yourselves.

4. I challenge you to quit making the Congress a career and think of it as a civic duty to be relinquished after two terms in Congress.

5. I challenge you to quit making pork barrel appropriations just to help some old buddy or yourself in you home state.

6. I challenge you to think first of the needs of the country and the people who live here and of yourselves after the work of the country and the people has been satisfactorily completed.

This is a short list and by no means complete, but it is a start and if you will take the challenge and try to do the right things I feel that the rest of the country will also meet the challenges that face us in these trying times.

Arlen A. Vaughan

Ballinger TX

PS I challenge you to answer this.