My name is Renee Walker, and I am a self-confessed jewelry, handbag, shoes and clothes horse (in other words a "diva"). I don't have to go to Angelo anymore to satisfy my hunger.

With the opening of the Chandelier Ranch, the Rustic Princess and Heidenheimer's I travel about 10 blocks from my house to GREAT shopping. I saw in the paper Joe was advertising more to the Ballinger "dudes". Let me tell you when I was wheeled (I'm in a wheelchair) into Heidenheimer's I was blown away with the awesome jewelry, handbags, beautiful clothes (including spectacular embellished blue jeans and boots) for the Ballinger DIVAS.

It is so much fun to pull my car right up to the store fronts. I don't have to deal with the whole Angelo mall hassle anymore. ANYTHING Angelo has I can now find it on Hutchins at the Rustic Princess (I got a beautiful handbag there) and Chandelier Ranch (she has some awesome jewelry among her beautiful clothes). I can drive three minutes downtown and have a wonderful afternoon shopping, eating lunch and am doing it in MY HOMETOWN.

Save your gas money DIVAS and time (that includes the Bearcat Divas) and find anything you need right here in Ballinger. No crowds to deal with and the prices are equal to or better than Angelo. My handbag was a great price. Oh, and I can't forget to include Dollar General. They have the CUTEST holiday decor for any season of the year at spectacular prices. I hope more retail shops open in Ballinger. I guarantee they have a customer in me.