BALLINGER- Ballinger Elementary traveled to Ozona, Texas on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 to compete in the district UIL meet. Ballinger students competed against Wall, Ozona, Sonora, Grape Creek and Brady. Ballinger Elementary students came home with the second place plaque! BES students scored 344 points. Teachers, parents and staff are very proud of this accomplishment. The UIL staff gave special thanks to parents and staff that helped make UIL a huge success this year.

Second Grade

Creative Writing

Tim'Mara Wagoner 4th

Trey Matschek

Audrey Brewer

Emma Toliver


Tristen Cassaday

Katelyn Gau

Trey Matschek

Beau Perkins


Mason Cave 3rd

Tim'Mara Wagoner 4th

Audrey Brewer

Seth Boggess

Oral Reading

Carter Arrott 2nd

Seth Michalewicz 3rd

Jenna Battle 4th

Emma Toliver

Third Grade

Ready Writing

Jessa McIntyre 3rd

Mikayla Woods

Chelsea Martinez

Ty Turney


Hanah Leonard

Dillon Halfmann

Jay Birkenfeld


Ryan Elliott 3rd

Colter Andrews

Aiden Busenlehner

Zach Oden

Music Memory

Cash Drennan

Ethan Fullen

Layla Staker

Oral Reading

Braydn Bowman 3rd

Emily West

Emma Cullen

Adam Winn

Fourth Grade

Ready Writing

Bailey Egan

Jenna Rossignol

Katie Michalewicz

Katy Duke

Number Sense

Elyssa Korn 1st

Austin Brewer 2nd

Luke Boggess 5th

Allyssa Rico


Karalyne Boggess 2nd

Alyssa Rangel 2nd

Rosemary Delgado

Brandon Teplicek

Oral Reading

Jenna Rossignol

Jakob Munoz

Chris Irby

Julie Martinez

Music Memory

Austin Brewer

Laura Brown

Kadence Quiroga

Shaianne Luna


Cammi Teplicek 2nd

Karalyne Boggess 3rd

Luke Boggess

Payton Dankworth


Austin Brewer 3rd

Nate Gallant

Travis Nolan

Chris Campos

Fifth Grade

Ready Writing

Jadyn Gore

Heather Speckels

Kamrin King

Yvette Reyna

Maps, Graphs and Charts

Cody Harral 4th

Marcus Toliver

Cole Zentner

Marina DeHoyos

Number Sense

A.J. Colombo 1st

Brittany Blackshear 4th

Luke Holik 6th

Hunter Staker

Music Memory

B.J. Colombo 5th

Brittany Blackshear


Luke Holik 3rd

Haley Matschek 5th

Xavion Antu

Melodie Gray

Social Studies

Cody Harral 2nd

B.J. Colombo 3rd

Cole Zentner

Luke Holik

Oral Reading

Nicole Rouse 1st

Vivien Brookshire 6th

Kinlee Bowman

Jaydn Gore


Kaden Ottmers 1st

Hannah Holcomb 4th

Brittany Blackshear 6th

Armando Quinonez


Neo Gray 4th

Joshua De Los Santos

Cameron Nolan

Hunter Staker


Cody Harral 2nd

Haley Matschek 4th

Marcus Toliver 5th

Kaden Ottmers


Cole Zentner 3rd

Xavion Antu 4th

Clarice McKinnon

Jaimee Keesee