Bangs High School Students Mollie Abernathy, Shelby Glover and Leah' Shae Gibson lead the student body of Bangs High School through a "texting and driving" campaign awareness with "Distractions While Driving Pledges."

As a part of their FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) project and collaboration with Mills County State Bank, they gathered 321 pledges. Students received wristbands saying "txting kills" from Mills County State Bank and various other items from Students and faculty committed to driving distraction free - including keeping eyes on the road, keeping hands on the wheel, and keeping their mind on what they are doing.

Top Risks for teen drivers and passengers include:  Driving @ night or

driving tired, speeding, cell phone/texting, passenger distractions, not

buckling up, and drinking & driving.  6000 teens die each year in car

crashes.  More statistics are available at