GRAHAM — The Brownwood High tennis team is in position to finish third in all five draws at the District 6-4A tennis tournament, with a possibility of earning playback matches and a shot at moving up to second place and clinching a regional berth.

Bailey Bishop in girls singles, the teams of Heather Williams and Piper Barberie and Kendra Renfroe and Maritza Pargus in girls doubles, Matthew Thompson in boys singles, Josh Dean and Jeremy Roberson in boys doubles and the mixed doubles team of Brittney Blake and Zach Hall will all be competing in third-place matches today.

In girls doubles, the winner of the Renfroe-Pargus vs. Williams-Barberie match guarantees Brownwood at least one third-place finish. After two byes, Williams-Barberie lost their first match to Shah-Patel of Abilene Wylie. Renfroe-Pargus opened with a bye, defeated Simoton-Bissitte of Mineral Wells and fell to McMillan-Schroeder of Wylie.

The Renfroe-Pargus vs. Williams-Barberie winner could have an opportunity to compete in a playback for second place if the loser for the McMillan-Schroeder vs. Shah-Patel has not already defeated the victorious Brownwood duo.

In girls singles, Bishop started with a bye then defeated Rachel Bartholomew of Graham before falling to Morgan Schackmuth of Wylie. Bishop will face Victoria Ertl of Graham for third place and could play for second place if she wins and Schachmuth defeats Wylie teammate Kaitlyn Hathorn.

In boys singles, Matthew Thompson opened with a bye then knocked off Nick Stevens of Graham before being upended by Noah Santee of Wylie. Thompson will meet Colton Jeffress of Stephenville today for third place, and could play for second with a win and a victory by Santee over Wylie’s Max Tadvick.

In boys doubles, Dean and Roberson downed the Curry-Rice tandem from Graham before tumbling against Wylie’s Kalla-Allen duo. Dean and Roberson meet Stephenville’s Drake-Drake duo for third and can compete for second with a victory and a Kalla-Allen win over Smith-Elmore of Wylie.

And in mixed doubles, Blake and Hall defeated Valtierra-Murray of Mineral Wells and lost to Lin-Smyser of Wylie, setting up today’s match with Monfort-Ertl of Graham for third. A win for Blake and Hall and a victory by Lin-Smyser over Wylie’s Clemmer-Corn team will create a playback for second.

In other Tuesday action for Brownwood, Emma Sharpe defeated Juana Sandaval from Stephenville and lost to Hathorn in girls singles; Tyler Langley upended Snow of Mineral Wells and lost to Tadvick in boys singles; Gabe Hinojosa and Michael Gomez had a bye and lost to Drake and Drake from Stephenville in boys doubles; and Illiana Arevinas and Cade Rector lost to Montfort and Ertl in mixed doubles.