For Brownwood Lions first-year head coach Kyle Maxfield, the 84th annual Texas High School Coaches Association Convention and Coaching School — held last week in San Antonio — served as a milestone.

Maxfield, a member of the THSCA board of directors, is wrapping up his fourth and final year as one of the leaders of the organization. But Maxfield will be going out with a smile on his face as the 2016 event has received rave reviews from coaches across the state as one of the best ever produced.

“This is my 22nd year and it was the best coaching school I can ever remember attending,” Maxfield said. “Maybe it’s just sentimental for me since this is the last year I’m on the board of directors, but I just felt like I got more out of this coaching school than in years past.

“We had a great mix of speakers. There were a number of professional development courses offered and a gamut of speakers from all different areas of the game — not only on the field with Xs and Os but motivational stuff from guys like (Duke head coach) David Cutcliffe. We also had doctors from around the country discussing health and safety issues, along with same of the best strength and conditioning guys in the country.”

Along with Cutcliffe, other speakers at the event included Cal head coach Sonny Dykes, SMU head coach Chad Morris, Texas State head coach Everett Withers and UTSA head coach Frank Wilson. Attending for basketball were Iowa State men’s head coach Steve Prohm, Oklahoma State men’s head coach Brad Underwood, UTSA men’s head coach Steve Henson and Texas women’s head coach Karen Aston. Baylor assistant track coach Stacey Smith and Angelo State track head coach James Reid also spoke, as did Dr. Uzma Samadani, a neurosurgeon and traumatic brain injury researcher.

“This coaching school was similar to ones I’ve been to before, but there were more quality speakers talking about relevant issues we’re facing,” Maxfield said. “And the numbers were some of the best they’ve seen. There were over 13,000 coaches there out of about 20,000 members.”

The Brownwood Lions coaching staff was on hand in full force, and the message that hit home most was one of the THSCA mottos — coaching beyond the game.

“Coaching beyond the game, to me, that says it all,” Maxfield said. “We’re coaching the kids to win the game of life. When you teach them how to play the game right and they see the success from doing things right, that will help them in the long run.”

When Maxfield’s time on the board concludes, he will not have another opportunity to serve. But he still intends to be as hands-on with the THSCA as possible.

“It’s a one-time shot, but by the time you get to that fourth year, it’s run its course and it’s time for somebody else to move in,”Maxfield said. “But we’re going to do a better job in the future of keeping past directors and past presidents involved in the association. I can still be involved somewhat.”

Maxfield’s tenure on the THSCA board of directors has provided invaluable lessons and helped him further develop as a head coach.

“It’s been a great experience and a learning experience,” Maxfield said. “There are three official directors and a director-elect from each of the eight regions, so that’s 32 guys plus the president and president-elect. Being around such quality guys, all of the them being successful, I just try and pick their brains every chance I get.

“I feel like I’m better equipped than I was before, not that I wasn’t before, but the leadership of (Executive Director) D.W. (Rutledge) and (Assistant Executive Director) Joe (Martin) not only makes you a better coach, it makes you want to be a better man, makes you want to be better husband and makes you want to be a better father. It’s that in-depth”

Maxfield and the rest of the Lions coaching staff are holding football camp for incoming freshman through Thursday, then two-a-days begin in Brownwood Monday morning.