Shay Ratliff and Colby Freeman have been known in the Brownwood community for quite some time. It all started with their achievements at Brownwood High School, where they’ll always be remembered for their accomplishments on the football field, along with many other sports as well.

As time has passed it’s obvious that the duo has hung up their pads, helmets and cleats. However, they are still leaving an impact at Brownwood High School, but this time in a much different way.

It first started with the decision by Ratliff and Freeman to partner up last year to start a business that specializes in serving coaching staffs with any of their athletic equipment needs.

“We call it Lone Star Power and Performance,” said Ratliff. “Basically we are a turnkey solution for coaches. We make it simple for the coaches who need to spend their time teaching and coaching, instead of surfing the internet getting countless quotes from people they don’t know.”

Since starting the company, the Brownwood natives have seen their list of services continue to grow. They provide weight room equipment, seamless flooring, turf, fans, wrestling mats and their latest endeavor has them entering the locker room business.

“We take the assumptions of what coaches need out,” Ratliff explained. “We can make suggestions and tell a coach how to get 80 kids through the offseason efficiently. If we know their investment goal, then we can customize and tailor their order.”

“The response from coaches for a ‘one stop shop’ has been overwhelmingly positive,” he added. “It was our hope that Texas high school coaches would be excited to work with a company from Texas who understands their needs. Not to mention the pride of having ‘Lone Star’ in our name resonates powerfully.”

Business seems to be booming for the new company. Orders from across the state continue to pour in and the number of schools asking them to redo their weight rooms is nothing short of impressive, especially when you consider just how new of a business they have.

“Currently we are doing multiple turnkey weight rooms across the state,” Ratliff said. “I believe we have 10 or more to design before August at this point.”

While they’re excited and energized to work with any school out there, one in particular has stood out above the rest. Obviously there might be some bias involved, but they’ll both be the first to admit it.

“Getting the chance to do the Brownwood one was our favorite one yet,” said Ratliff. “The opportunity of being involved with the Lions’ weight room was a special project. It was special because of all the memories we had there. The relationships we had with former players and coaches came to mind as we upgraded it. It was very special.”

Ask Brownwood Athletic Director Kyle Maxfield about it and he will tell you he, along with all the Brownwood coaching staffs in every sport, couldn’t be more pleased with the product that Ratliff and Freeman offer.

“It’s the nicest looking stuff I’ve personally ever seen in a weight room,” Maxfield said. “I’d put our equipment up against anybody’s. When it comes to the quality, there’s really none better. To me, when the kids come in here and they see this nice new equipment, it makes them want to work that much more. It gives them evidence that we’re going to do everything we can to give them the best in order to be the best.”

He’s already seeing results from the upgrade that Ratliff and Freeman did and believes it’s paying off in multiple ways.

“The biggest change is that we went from having five double-sided racks to now having 10 of them,” Maxfield said. “This allows us to have many more options in our training. We can get a lot more done faster. It makes our workouts move quicker because we can get it done and our tempo is faster since we have double the amount of racks.”

It doesn’t matter who the Brownwood based duo are designing and working for, the fact is they take pride in their work and they personally back everything they put their name on. The reason is because they love what they do, which both agree is very important.

“We are passionate about what we are doing and we feel like we are doing something of purpose,” said Ratliff. “Our relationships with coaches are special. They let us drop in on offseason, track meets, and of course football practice and games.”

Lone Star Power and Performance has also taken its business a step further recently and is now officially the title sponsor and equipment provider for all equipment at the regional powerlifting meet in Abilene next month.

Lone Star has also inked the same deal for the boys state powerlifting meet, where 400-plus lifters will be present at the Expo Center in Abilene, which they feel is going to be a great platform for the new business.

“It’s an honor to be able to provide the equipment on the biggest stage for powerlifters in the state,” Ratliff said. “We have a lot of momentum right now and our goal is to continue providing awesome products to awesome people who impact the next generation,” he added.

Lone Star Power and Performance can be found online at