The Brownwood Coliseum will play host to the famed Harlem Globetrotters when they come to town on Jan. 31, 2019.

City of Brownwood Sports Coordinator Roland Soto made the announcement earlier this week, feeling in a celebratory mood with his department luring what he described as the world’s greatest ambassadors to basketball.

“I remember seeing them as a kid and they were here in 2013, but we have not had them since,” Soto said. “They had another group here, the Harlem Ambassadors, a year ago but they were definitely not the Globetrotters. I started early last year trying to get connected with them. We started off with about five dates and narrowed it down to see what would be a good fit for the city and their travel schedule.”

The Globetrotters will drop by the coliseum while touring in Texas with their trip to Brownwood sandwiched between trips to San Antonio and Austin respectively. Soto said he feels proud to see Brownwood alongside the names of major metropolitan areas hosting the Globetrotters and feels it is a great fit for Brown County’s family-oriented communities.

“Representing the city, one of the top priorities for events I’m going to pursue is family friendliness,” Soto said. “There are all sorts of events the city would be a great fit for, but at the same time we as a city would like to be able to hang our hat on something we can be proud of. As far as the Harlem Globetrotters go, you’re going to get a really family friendly event everyone can go to and enjoy. For me, it was a no-brainer, and not solely for tax dollars.”

Soto said one of the motivating factors for bringing the Globetrotters to Brownwood was remembering his own experiences as a young child watching the Globetrotters and wanting to give area kids the same great memories he has carried for decades.

“I can remember being a young kid getting to see the Globetrotters here in Brownwood,” Soto said. “… I remember the fake water toss bucket trick, where they throw confetti instead. I remember how much fun it was and the red, white, blue and gold. Just having that kind of impression as a kid, and that this was a special event for a kid – even for a kid who could barely remember it – that’s the kind of thing we can all be proud of. That organization is second to none in what they do for communities and inspiring children.”

Tickets for the Globetrotters are currently discounted 25 percent as part of a online pre-sale special through With tickets ranging from $50 for courtside seats and $26 for balcony seats, Soto said the 25 percent discount will be a major benefit to medium to large families. Tickets after the pre-sale are available at the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce at the old train depot across from the Martin and Frances Lehnis Railroad Museum.

“We’re really wanting people to jump on that. Especially if you have a family of three or more 25 percent is going to be huge. Courtside tickets or regular admission is going to be $50 and balcony seats are going to be $26,” Soto said. “If they can save some money on that and get those purchased before the pre-sale ends, it will help our chances at bringing people to the coliseum and definitely bring a greater value to what they are going to spend on tickets.”