ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Roger Clemens is ready to join the Houston Astros — as a consultant.

In a sign that Clemens’ pitching career could be over, his agent told the Astros on Wednesday that the seven-time Cy Young winner is set to start his personal-services contract with the team.

“He’s moving toward retirement and leaving open the possibility of playing,” agent Randy Hendricks said. “As Roger has stated several times, he’s failed at retirement repeatedly.”

Hendricks sent Astros owner Drayton McLane an e-mail informing him of the decision. This was the first time Hendricks formally told Houston that Clemens was ready to work off the field.

After playing in his annual charity golf tournament Wednesday, Clemens told Houston television station KRIV he doesn’t consider this a big deal.

“I am going to be doing the same things I’ve always done, whether it kicks in now or kicks in five years from now,” Clemens said. “Again, it’s great that it was part of the contract way back when, but for me it’s great I get the opportunity to work with the kids and I get to be a part of an organization that I really love and that I have come to know, not only as a fan and a season-ticket holder, but as a player and now I get a chance to work with these guys.”

McLane told KRIV the club will welcome Clemens when he’s ready to become a consultant.