ATLANTA (AP) — This new era in golf had a familiar ending.

Tiger Woods never paid much attention to the FedEx Cup until it was shining before him on a pedestal on the 18th green Sunday at East Lake. He always figured his name would be the first engraved on the new trophy as long as he kept winning.

And there was never a doubt.

In his final event of another spectacular season, Woods closed with a 4-under 66 to shatter the tournament record and win the Tour Championship by eight shots for his second straight victory in these PGA Tour Playoffs.

The only new twist? It was the first time Woods won two trophies at one tournament.

Along with earning $1.26 million in cash for winning the Tour Championship for his seventh PGA Tour title of the year, Woods was a runaway winner of the FedEx Cup and the $10 million that goes into a retirement account.

“I don’t look at what the purse is or the prize money,” Woods said. “You play. And when you play, you play to win, period. That’s how my dad raised me, is you go out there and win. If you win, everything will take care of itself. You take great pride in what you do on the golf course, and when you’re able to win events, that’s when you can go home and be very proud of what you’ve done.”

If this was supposed to be golf’s version of the Super Bowl, Woods spent most of the final round taking a knee.

The only drama was whether he would break the 72-hole scoring record on the PGA Tour. With a late bogey, Woods had to settle for a 23-under 257, the lowest of his career, breaking the Tour Championship record by six shots.