Bulletin Staff Report

The Brownwood Lions Mothers Club has introduced a new fund-raiser for the 2008 football season - the “You’ve Been Mauled” sign.

The way the fund-raiser works is for a fee of $25, the “You’ve Been Mauled” sign - which was originally located at the Taylor Clinic on 208 Center Ave. - can be purchased and placed in the yard of a friend, neighbor or business associate for a week.

To have the sign moved to another location, the person whose yard the sign was placed pays $25 and supplies a name and address that the sign should be taken to next.

If a business or individual wants to keep the sign for a longer period of time, that can be arranged as well.

For more information about the fund-raiser or how to acquire rights to the “You’ve Been Mauled” sign, contact Melissa Crow at 641-2334.