Letter to the editor: Such a delightful show

Brownwood Bulletin
Opinion submission

This letter is to acknowledge the diversity of our small community. I was privileged to attend the Lyric Theatre's performance of A Christmas Story, which I attended on Friday, Dec. 11 at 2:30 with several friends.

I was a little hesitant about going due to the COVID 19 but much to my pleasure, the managers had it well in hand. Masks, separation and hand sanitizers were available.

The performance was beyond my belief. I was wondering how they would ever accomplish such a delightful show. The performers were all great. Such a small stage to act out all the crazy antics from the movie. The father, Shade Tidwell, was hilarious and made the old man real as depicted in the movie with the dogs. John Monson as Ralphie, AJ Tidwell as Randy and April Tissan as the mother. And let me not forget the Christmas lamp. I happen to have one my sister gave me years ago.

I hope a big attendance was there for each night, for it was a delightful play.

And I hope everyone in our community realizes that several events planned in the future. I will try and attend them all. Appreciate the staff and Eric Evans for all the hard work it takes to create a movie on stage. There are so many more behind the scenes and children performers and the teacher, just to name a few. Appreciate it.

Judy Shaw