Frye joins Center for Life Resources Wall of Honor

Dion White, CEO for the Center for Life Resources, presented long-time employee and volunteer Paulette Frye with a plaque at a Thursday event in her honor.

Thursday afternoon, several friends and co-workers filled a room at the Center for Life Resources to honor Paulette Frye’s inclusion to the Center’s Wall of Honor.

Frye is only the fourth to have that distinction.

Dion White, the Center’s CEO, spoke briefly, acknowledging Frye’s many accomplishments since she began her career in 1978.

White noted Frye had volunteered for 14 years with Special Olympics, two of which were at the state level.

She currently serves on the Center’s Human Rights Council, the board for the Association for Retarded Citizens, and the state Surrogate Consent Committee.

White read letters from Patti Jordan, and Don and Shirley Ramsey, both first apologizing for being unable to attend, then further acknowledging her work with the Center and all of its clients.

White said his personal impressions of Frye were described in the words, “consistent, caring, compassionate, sincere, positive, and heartfilled.”

White presented Frye with a plaque in recognition of her contributions, he unveiled the large Wall of Honor plaque, which hangs in the Center and now includes her name.

“My life wouldn’t be as full without this organization,” Frye responded.

“It’s truly an honor to be selected,” she added, “I was told my co-workers had a part in my selection, which makes it more special.”

Frye related that she had responded to a job posting in the newspaper, took a tour of the facility and learned what the position entailed. She was hired in October of 1978 and retired in 2009.

“It was just six weeks shy of 31 years,” Frye said.

Frye said that her “life’s work” was at the Center.

“Every year was a challenge,” she said, “but at the end it was always good.”

“I enjoyed my work and had a lot of fun,” she concluded.

Frye said she will continue to serve on the various boards and contribute to the cause for which she worked so hard over the years.