City of Brownwood holds online survey regarding hazard preparedness

Caleb McCaig Twitter @caleb_mccaig

When some kind of natural disaster or hazard makes itself known it can be a scary thing for individuals, businesses and entire cities.

The City of Brownwood has recognized that and in doing so is looking for citizens to take part in the updating of the cities Hazard Mitigation Plan. The city is asking residents to take part in a survey that is tailored to Brownwood, asking citizens about natural hazards.

Several of the hazardous events listed on the survey include expansive soils, flood, hail, pipeline failure, winter storms and several other events that a household could possibly have experienced in the last 20 years.

"This is important for us to receive input from citizens so we that we have a better understanding of what is important to them and so that we can better prioritize mitigation projects accordingly," said City of Brownwood staff engineer Jodie Kelly.

The survey is expected to determine which hazards that citizens are the most concerned about and to also determine the level of preparedness citizens feel they are and what the city needs to do on its part to protect the people and property within it.

"The City of Brownwood is conducting this survey and is working on having its updated Hazard Mitigation Plan combined with Mills, Lampasas, San Saba, McCullough and Mason Counties along with all the cities of those counties," said Kelly. "The goal is to get as much citizen input as possible so the city can tailor the plan to what is important to its residents."

With the survey going out, Kelly says the city has an idea of what to expect in the results.

"In Brownwood, flooding is a big issue, along with drought, thunderstorms with high wind hail and lightning, tornados and wildfires," she said. "I would expect concerns regarding all of these natural hazards with comments as to what the city is doing to prepare for them, and to educate the citizens so they are prepared individually and as a family."

The survey is available online at the following link and will remain online for the next couple of months, .