Police: Man arrested in Early after trying to cash fake check

Steve Nash steve.nash@brownwoodbulletin.com
Early Police Department

EARLY — Early police arrested a Houston man Thursday after responding to a bank in Early where the man had tried to cash a counterfeit $2,400 check. Police learned others individuals had cashed checks earlier that morning for $2,593 and $2,380 at the same bank,police said.

Gerald Dorries, 43, was arrested on a charge of forgery of a financial instrument, according to police and Brown County Jail records.

According to an email from Early police:

Officers responded to the bank where an individual was trying to cash a check on a local insurance company. Officers stopped the individual and learned the $2,400 check he was trying to cash was forged.

The check was designed to look like the insurance company’s current checks. The individual was identified as Dorries. Further investigation revealed that two other forged checks had already been cashed at the bank that morning by other individuals.

Detectives learned from Dorries that he lived in Houston and was homeless, and the other individuals cashing the checks were homeless. They were picked up on the streets in Houston and told they would be paid $400 dollars to cash these checks, and then were taken to various banks around Texas.

Checks have been cashed for amounts varying around $2,000 to $5,000. Early police are investigating the cases to identify the suspects, and the Texas Rangers are assisting in the case to locate the Houston connection.     

 In other recent incidents involving Early police:

• Officer Andre Smoot stopped a vehicle Thursday at C.C. Woodson and FM 2525 for a traffic violation. The driver provided inconsistent stories and was very nervous.

The K9 unit, consisting of officer Brandon McMillian and the drug dog Jambo, responded, and Jambo alerted on the vehicle. Approximately 28 ounces of marijuana were found inside the vehicle.

The driver, James Warlick, 27, of Goldthwaite, was arrested on a charge of possession of marijuana under 2 ounces.

• Officer Andres Contreras stopped a vehicle Friday in the 1300 block of Early Boulevard. The driver, Jesse Ray Stewart, had a suspended drivers license and was also nervous.

Contreras located a small amount of marijuana in the floor, then learned Stewart had taken a baggie of marijuana and dumped it into a freshly bought cup of coffee. The marijuana was taken for evidence and Stewart, 46, was taken into custody for possession of marijuana, evidence tampering and driving while license invalid.

Stewart had not been booked into jail as of early Friday afternoon.