Officers respond to domestic disturbance, arrest man after struggle

Steve Nash
Crime report

“Be careful.”

That’s what a woman told Brownwood officer Brandon Miller as Miller and other officers responded to a domestic disturbance Monday night. Officers were told an assault had occurred and a man had a knife, and had made threats of suicide by cop, Miller’s report states.

Following a confrontation between officers and an “unbelievably strong” suspect, Miller arrested Keith Aubel, 32, on charges of assault, evading arrest and resisting arrest, Miller’s report and Brown County Jail records state.

According to Miller’s report:

As Miller walked toward the front of the home where the domestic disturbance had occurred, a woman walked toward Miller and told him to be careful. Miller learned the suspect was standing near a vehicle in the 1100 block of Fifth, and the officer started toward the man.

The man began quickly walking away and disregarded Miller’s commands to stop. Miller saw a large knife in a sheath positioned on the man’s hip.

Miller followed the man and told him repeatedly to stop, and the man turned to face Miller, his hands raised outward. Uncertain of what the man would do next, Miller pointed his Taser at the man’s chest. The man began walking away and Miller activated the Taser, but the the probes missed.

The man began running at a full sprint, and Cpl. Zane Taylor pulled his patrol vehicle in front of the man, blocking his path. The man turned back toward Miller, ran “full speed” at the officer and lowered his shoulder. 

Miller stepped aside and struck the man with his fist, and the man dropped to his knees. Miller, Taylor and officer Jayme Bowman were able to get to the man to the ground.

The man managed to get to his knees, “even with three adult males attempting to hold him down on his stomach,” Miller’s report states.

Miller yelled at the man to “stop resisting.” The man continued to resist as officers tried to get him handcuffed. After strikes by officers, the man said he was giving up, and the officers noted that he had stopped all resistance. The officers stopped wit the strikes and placed him in handcuffs.

The man resisted officers’ attempts to put him in the back of a patrol vehicle, and the man hit the partition that separates the front and back seats with his head.

Early police seize candy possibly laced with LSD

Police in Early seized substances including candy that was laced with LSD or acid and arrested two college students from Lubbock following a traffic stop Monday, police said.

Cpl. Brandon McMillian arrested Christian Salcedo and Cory Scott, both 22, on charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, Brown County Jail records state.

According to an email from Early police:

McMillian stopped a vehicle in the 200 block of Early Blvd for a expired registration sticker. The vehicle’s two occupants were headed back to Lubbock from Austin. While talking to them, McMillian developed the probable cause to believe drugs were in the vehicle. McMillian obtained permission to search the vehicle.

McMillian located some marijuana and paraphernalia in a bag. He also located some capsules that field tested as ecstasy and some mushrooms. Salcedo also identified some Sweet tart candy that was laced with LSD or acid. The items will be sent to the DPS Lab for analysis. Further charges could be filed if LSD is positively identified.

Brown County Jail log

Others booked into theBrown County Jail between 8 a.m. Monday and 8 a.m. Tuesday were:

David Cogburn, 29, Stanford, bench warrant.

Charlotte Shiloh, 20, San Antonio, assault public servant / six years.

Amanda Thigpen, 27, Abilene, public lewdness.

Tisa Vanderpool, 48, Brownwood, theft.

Chastity Young, Brownwood, public intoxication.