Senators to vote on compromise Iran bill

Staff Writer
Brownwood Bulletin

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican and Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have reached a compromise on a bill that would give Congress a say on an emerging deal to curb Iran's nuclear program.

A congressional staffer said the compromise would shorten the congressional review of any final deal from 60 days to 52 days as long as President Barack Obama swiftly provided Congress with the details.

If Obama waits until after July 9 to share information, the review period would revert to 60 days.

The staffer said Congress would have 30 days to review and vote to approve or disapprove of it. The president would have 12 days to veto it, and Congress would have 10 days to override a veto.

The staffer was not authorized to publicly disclose details of the deal and spoke on condition of anonymity.