The NED Show, education program, to visit Early ISD

The Ned Show

Kids from Early Primary, Elementary and Middle Schools will greet an energetic cartoon character that will offer educational lessons and methods through an engaging assembly.

The Early ISD ACE program will welcome The Ned Show, an innovative, character education assembly that uses humor, storytelling and audience participation to guide students learning through the NED Program.

For 45 minutes on Thursday, a professional children’s actor will use storytelling, magic, humor, magic and yo-yo tricks to introduce kids to a fictional character named “NED,” a lanky character that wears bright yellow shirt and blue jeans with a zany hairdo.

“The goal is to help kids and make their lives better, including solving behavioral problems or assisting in academic achievement,” said Lois Summers, director of business development. “Doing this allows kids to understand them and gives the message to never give up and always do their best.

“It bring motivation, encouragement, inspiration and focus, and the will to never give up,” she added.

Performance at Primary will begin inside the Primary gym at 9 a.m., and the assembly for the Elementary and Middle School will be held inside the Middle School gym at 1:15 p.m.

The NED Program focuses on character development, and prides itself on the acronym of the name: Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best.

“The performers have that passion to keep all the students engaged and feel really good about themselves,” Summers said of the program, which performs in every U.S. state every year.

Early ISD will be one of about 5,000 institutions to have The NED Show present at their school this year. Scheduled shows are to be made in advance by calling the program’s headquarters, according to the website.

One of the popular payment methods for the schools is the Pay-It-Forward option, where after each show, NED-messaged items will be available for purchase for five days following the assembly to help costs.

The program has toured internationally each year, including performances at the White House on 11 different occasions, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, in front of 2.5 million.