Masters named to national veterans committee

Steve Nash
James Masters speaks at the Brown County Commissioners Court meting Tuesday. [Photo by Steve Nash]

Brown County Veterans Service Officer James Masters was recognized by commissioners court members Tuesday for his appointment to the National Veteran Services Committee.

“That is a very distinct honor,” Brown County Judge Paul Lilly said.

Masters, an Army veteran who is commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Brownwood, said he was appointed to the committee by national VFW commander William “Doc” Schmitz.

“I haven’t received the details exactly, but from what I’ve researched, how it impacts us is, how can we explain what rural veterans need? Because where we sit in Brown County, we’re at the end of the empire for Temple. That’s our major hospital that supports our clinic out here.”

Masters said one of the first issues he thought of is the need for a blood processing center in Brownwood for veterans’ labs.

“Our labs are gathered up and they’re sent down to Temple, so that means a veteran makes two trips,” Masters said. “One for labs and then seven days later, for doctors.”

The hope would be to give a resolution to Congress saying “we want to have authorization for a full processing lab here in Brownwood,” Masters said.

“That would save our veterans trips.”

In an unrelated matter, Masters said a World War II veteran, Bill Pierson, who is turning 105, will be presented with a World War II Victory Medal at 11:45 a.m. Wednesday at the Brownwood Senior Citizens Center.

“That medal is awarded to the soldiers who helped us defeat the Nazis and the Japanese,” Masters said.